Coronavirus: York food plea nurse Dawn Bilbrough develops symptoms

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Critical care nurse Dawn Bilbrough was driven to despair by the actions of panic-buyers

A nurse who made a tearful plea for shoppers to stop panic-buying is self-isolating after developing coronavirus symptoms.

Dawn Bilbrough recorded an emotional video message after finding supermarket shelves empty at the end of a shift.

After she shared the clip online, the medical director of NHS England urged shoppers to think of health workers.

Ms Bilbrough, of York, believes she has now contracted Covid-19, although she has not been tested.

She has called on members of the public to follow government advice to stay at home and save lives.

She said: "We need to protect the NHS and we need to save lives.

"I'm concerned that people don't seem to be appreciating how serious this actually is and listening to the guidelines.

"It seems to be that the younger generation don't seem to understand how significant and dangerous this crisis actually is.

"We all need to do our bit."

Earlier this month, Ms Bilbrough went to the supermarket after working for 48 hours. Once there, she found there were no fruit or vegetables.

In the video, filmed in her car immediately after leaving the supermarket, she told panic-buyers: "You just need to stop it."

Ms Bilbrough said: "No woman wants her face beamed around the world when they are upset but I think it got the message out there."

Since making the video, she received offers of help from friends as well as concerned strangers.

Ms Bilbrough is currently resting at home after experiencing symptoms including chest discomfort, ongoing nausea, a persistent headache and breathlessness.

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