York & North Yorkshire
Number of councillors After 150 of 150 councils
  1. Labour, 2350 councillors, +79
  2. Conservative, 1332 councillors, -35
  3. Liberal Democrat, 536 councillors, +75
  4. Green, 39 councillors, +8
  5. UKIP, 3 councillors, -123
  6. Others, 144 councillors, -4

Conservatives hold on to North Yorkshire

Harrogate council offices Image copyright Geograph
Image caption Both Harrogate and Craven remain in Conservative control

The Conservatives have held control in North Yorkshire, winning in both Harrogate and Craven.

In Harrogate, it was the first time the electorate has voted for just 40 seats as boundary changes saw the loss of 14 wards in the area.

On the new council the Conservatives have 31 seats, Independents have two; and the Lib Dems have seven.

In Craven there was no change and the Conservatives have held on to their control of the council.

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Conservative MP Andrew Jones claimed results in his district showed his government is on the right track.

"We are in really quite volatile political times," he said.

"We are also eight years in to a Conservative majority government, and at that point you tend to be looking at local government results going against the incumbent government and that hasn't been the case here."

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