Stolen Co-Op cash machine wedged under car in Ingleton

image sourceSarah Louise Ellwod
image captionThieves struck at the Co-op store in Ingleton at about 04:40 GMT

A gang of thieves who dragged a cash machine from the front of a supermarket were forced to flee empty-handed after it got stuck under a parked car.

Raiders struck at the Co-op store, in Ingleton, tearing the free-standing ATM out of the shop with a Ford Ranger.

But, when the machine became wedged under a nearby car, the thieves escaped in another vehicle.

Appealing for witnesses, North Yorkshire Police said the gang struck at about 04:40 GMT.

image sourceSarah Louise Ellwood
image captionNorth Yorkshire Police said the raiders had fled empty handed after the ATM became wedged under a parked car
image sourceSarah Louise Ellwood

A police spokesman said: "On arrival [officers] found an abandoned Ford Ranger, with a cash machine tied to it.

"It is believed the cash machine had been dragged out of the store, before becoming wedged under a parked car. The suspects had made off in another vehicle.

"The vehicle and the cash machine have been recovered for forensic examination, and enquiries are ongoing."

image sourceThomas Beresford
image captionThe cash machine was found tied to a Ford Ranger police say was used to drag it from the shop

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