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'Concorde' cloud forms over Ribblehead viaduct

Cloud Image copyright Thomas Beresford

Concorde has risen again - in the form of a cloud snapped by an amateur photographer in North Yorkshire.

The photo is of a lenticular cloud, sightings of which the Met Office said were suspected to be behind many reported UFOs.

The "truly spectacular" snap was taken by Thomas Beresford above the Ribblehead viaduct on Friday.

BBC weather expert Paul Hudson said the natural phenomenon was technically called a roll cloud and was quite rare.

"In this instance it's caused by air flowing over the top of Whernside from the east, creating effectively a stationary type of lenticular cloud - the shape and size of which is dependent on the wavelength of the stationary wave," he said.

Could Concorde ever fly again?

The lens-shaped clouds form when the air is stable and winds blow from the same direction.

BBC Look North weather presenter Abbie Dewhurst was certainly impressed by the photograph.

Image copyright BA
Image caption Concorde was was retired in 2003

"Wow, it does look like Concorde - not that I have too many memories of it, being only 10 when it stopped flying," she said.

The supersonic plane was involved in a crash in France in 2000 that killed 109 people onboard and four on the ground.

It was retired in 2003 by British Airways and Air France who decommissioned it for "commercial reasons" amid declining passenger numbers.

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