Choking dog given CPR by off-duty police officer

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Larry stopped breathing after a 5cm ball became lodged in his throat

A labrador stopped breathing when it choked on a ball and was resuscitated by an off-duty police officer.

Kayleigh Rickell, 31, from Burnholme, York, said her dog Larry got into trouble while out for a walk on Sunday.

The dog was with her dad on Tang Hall field when the ball blocked its airway and it collapsed.

An onlooker called on a police officer who lived nearby and he removed the ball and successfully gave him CPR.

Larry, aged six, described by Mrs Rickell as an "average, greedy, nutty, loving dog", has now recovered.

Describing what happened, Mrs Rickell said: "My dad took him out to the field with a ball, threw the ball to him and he didn't want to drop it.

Dog 'died'

"So my dad could get him to drop it, he threw him a stick hoping he would grab that instead.

"Silly as he is, he picked up the stick as well as the ball, and the ball became lodged in his throat."

She said Larry "died" on the field and was brought back to life with the help of the police officer.

Mr Hartley then took Larry to the vets where he was given oxygen and was shaken but otherwise unharmed.

Mrs Rickell has posted a thank you message on Facebook to the officer and two female onlookers who helped save Larry's life.

She has now set up a Facebook group called Larry the Lab initiative, to allow people to share stories about incidents where dogs have got into trouble playing with toys or treats and to warn each other of the dangers.

She said the ball was 5cm in diameter, slightly smaller than one the dog usually plays with.

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