Life-saving wife Carolyn Bjelan in CPR call for schools

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Carolyn Bjelan's CPR saves her husband's life in Harrogate

A women who was told she had saved her husband's life by giving Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) wants it to be taught in schools.

Jovan Bjelan was working on wiring when he fell from a ladder and collapsed in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Carolyn Bjelan's said she panicked when she realised Jovan was not breathing before "the training kicked in and I knew I had to act quickly."

The footage features on TV series Helicopter ER on UKTV Play.

The CPR performed before medics arrived saved her husband's life, according to Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Mrs Bjelan, 52, said: "I do feel really strongly that CPR training should be much more widely taught in workplaces, in the community and in every school."

As a Brownie leader, Mrs Bjelan had done CPR refresher training a month before the emergency.

Recalling the day her husband collapsed, she said: "I was upstairs and heard a loud thud. When I found him I thought he must have fallen off the ladder."

"I started CPR and rang for the ambulance, putting them on speaker phone. I knew time was so important as the longer the brain is starved of oxygen the greater the chance of brain injury."

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Carolyn Bjelan's CPR saved her husband's life, said Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Mr Bjelan's heart started beating again, but the 55-year-old was very agitated when he came round and Yorkshire Air Ambulance medics decided to place him in an induced coma before flying to Leeds General Infirmary.

Her husband is "absolutely fine now", she said.

Doctors said his heart failure is thought to have been caused by a faulty gene.

The collapse features in the UKTV Play series Helicopter ER (Air Television) that shows the work of Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

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