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Boroughbridge couple find corn snake hiding in vacuum

snake head out of vacuum Image copyright RSPCA
Image caption Corn snakes need a secure vivarium to live in

A couple got a surprise when they found a corn snake in their airing cupboard.

By the time the RSPCA arrived at their home in Boroughbridge near York, the 2ft (60cm) long snake had found sanctuary in a vacuum cleaner.

Lucy Green from the animal welfare charity said: "It was quite a surprise."

The snake was taken away by the RSPCA and is said to be in good health. It is believed to be somebody's pet due to its good condition.

The charity said it would be rehomed in seven days if no owner comes forward.

Image copyright RSPCA
Image caption The RSPCA has seen a growing number of calls about exotic animals being abandoned or given up because they are too much of a commitment

Ms Green said the wife saw the snake on Friday afternoon and initially thought her husband was playing a prank on her as it looked like a "realistic toy".

She said: "When I arrived the snake was no longer in the airing cupboard but had slithered inside the vacuum cleaner.

"It was quite a surprise to flip the head of the vacuum cleaner over and see the snake's little orange head poking out."

Ms Green said she visited several neighbours of the house on The Chase but no-one claimed to have mislaid their snake.

She said: "Perhaps he got out of his vivarium and decided to do some trick or treating for Halloween, or go and frighten some neighbours."

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