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WW2 air raid shelter found under Hensall school site

The air raid shelter Image copyright North Yorkshire County Council
Image caption The bunker did not show up on any local or heritage searches

An air raid shelter built to protect children in a North Yorkshire village has been re-discovered underneath the site of a primary school.

The shelter was uncovered during work to build an extra classroom at Hensall Community Primary School.

North Yorkshire County Council said the bunker is made up of three long tunnels and contains original furniture.

It was found located under an overgrown garden at the back of the old school master's house.

'Overlooked and forgotten'

The village was sited near a wartime airfield and was in the flight path of German bombers.

The council said although there was some local knowledge of a former school air raid shelter, its existence had been overlooked and forgotten.

The bunker did not show up on any local or heritage searches during the planning process for extra classroom space.

The council said if the bunker was now deemed to be a listed building, the authority may have to seek listed building consent from the secretary of state for planning for changes that would have to be made to build the new teaching area.

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