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Spofforth 10k runners attacked by hornets

A swarm of hornets attacked competitors after they disturbed a nest during a race in North Yorkshire.

Several runners who had been stung were treated by paramedics at the end of the Spofforth 10k trail race on Monday.

One woman was taken to hospital by air ambulance after suffering an allergic reaction to the stings.

A Yorkshire Air Ambulance spokeswoman said: "Someone disturbed a nest of hornets and we took one person who was having a bad reaction to hospital."

Four ambulances and two rapid response vehicles were also sent to the race site.

'Keeled over'

Runner Richard Hamer's report of the race on the Otley Athletic Club website said: "The fun and games started around the 4km mark when a swarm of hornets went on the attack.

"A lot of the finishing times are probably very inaccurate as many runners stopped to help those that had been stung, while others had to stop to compose themselves.

"Many people were hit several times on the head."

He said one competitor "took hits to the head and neck and soon after keeled over and was eventually delivered back to the finish courtesy of one of the marshals".

"Others were not so lucky and a series of ambulances had to return several runners to the finish line, while the air ambulance was also called out."

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