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Conmen dressed as women target North Yorkshire elderly

Conmen dressed as women have stolen thousands of pounds from elderly people in North Yorkshire after tricking them into handing over bank card details.

Police said the suspects had struck in Harrogate and York over June and July.

The men have telephoned victims stating a fraud has been committed on their card before offering to resolve it by sending someone to pick up their card.

Det Sgt Lydia Davenport said the suspects had disguised their identity by dressing up as the opposite sex.

The men have posed as a representative of a bank or utility company during the telephone call.

'Easily convinced'

Police said they had then gone to the victims' homes to pick up the card and had persuaded them to give their pin number.

They have then gone on to withdraw cash from their accounts.

Detectives are investigating five reported offences in Harrogate and two in York.

CCTV images have captured the suspects in a bank, a jewellers store and a travel agency.

Ms Davenport said: "These people are very plausible and charming when they contact the elderly people and it is easy to see how they can be convinced by what they are saying.

"In reality they are preying on elderly people's vulnerability and trusting nature."

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