Africa massacre suspect David Simpson wants to return

media captionDavid Simpson said he wanted to return to the Central African Republic

A man who returned from imprisonment in Africa after being suspected of involvement in a massacre said he wants to go back "to the same place".

David Simpson, 24, was working in the Central African Republic when he reported coming across 18 bodies, which led to his jailing in March.

Mr Simpson, from Gillamoor, North Yorkshire, returned home last month after being cleared of all charges.

He said the conditions of the African jail had "put things into perspective".

Mr Simpson told BBC Breakfast that his prison experience would not put him off from returning "to the same country and to the same place".

"I know it sounds crazy and I can't really explain to anyone," he said.

"Everyone's said 'you're off your rocker, lad'. But I love what I do and I love the place.

"It's hard to give it up and I can't see myself doing anything else."

Before he was imprisoned, Mr Simpson was working as a manager for a Swedish company, Central African Wildlife Adventures, which takes clients game hunting.

'Better conditions'

He said: "In prison I had running water - it was pretty smelly running water - and we had toilets and a concrete floor.

"I was in better conditions there than most of the population of the country so, when you see that, it puts things into perspective and you can get through things a lot easier.

"Surprisingly my mother has been very supportive of me going back, my dad not so much and I've had to hide my passport from him because he'll shred it if he gets the opportunity."

Mr Simpson was looking for a water supply in remote bushland in Bakouma in the south-east of the Central African Republic when he found the bodies, which were tied together and mutilated.

He had gone voluntarily to answer questions and was arrested and imprisoned on suspicion of murder in Ngaragba Central Prison in the capital, Bangui, before being put under temporary house arrest after the jail was stormed by rioters and destroyed last month.

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