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Missing Claudia Lawrence's father 'still hopeful'

The father of missing York woman Claudia Lawrence has said he is "still hopeful" she will be found alive.

Peter Lawrence was speaking on the third anniversary of her disappearance.

Ms Lawrence, who was 35 when she vanished, was reported missing in March 2009 after failing to turn up for work as a chef at the University of York.

Her father said he was very moved by the public response and vowed to "keep this campaign going until we get a resolution".

Mr Lawrence said he never imagined the search for his missing daughter would go on for so long.

"The whole thing is just a nightmare, not just for me, but for the whole family," he said.

"I've always said throughout the past three years it's the not knowing that is the worst thing. I've got to keep going and I've got to keep the campaign going."

Nationwide support

Ms Lawrence's family and friends have taken part in a number of media events to keep the search for her in the spotlight.

Mr Lawrence said he had received support from across the UK.

"It's not just in York. With the campaign that's been going on I walk through streets in London and people stop me and say 'Mr Lawrence we're thinking of you, we're hoping, we're praying'. It's nationwide."

North Yorkshire Police believe Ms Lawrence was murdered and their investigation is ongoing.

Mr Lawrence said he had been alerted by police on a number of occasions when a body had been discovered in the region.

"We want closure to it, one way or the other," said Mr Lawrence.

"It's the not knowing, that is the worst thing.

"I would love Claudia to walk back through the door. But closure one way or another is needed."

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