Scarborough council plea over plastic takeaway boxes

image captionCustomers are being urged to put pressure on takeaway owners

Takeaway outlets in a North Yorkshire coastal resort are being urged to cut down on their use of polystyrene in an effort to reduce pollution.

Bins on Scarborough's seafront have to be emptied eight times a day in summer because of the mounting containers.

Councillors said they had "serious environmental and aesthetic concerns" about polystyrene litter in the town.

Customers are also being urged to put pressure on takeaways by writing to the shop's management.

Councillor Dilys Cluer, chairman of the council's sustainability working group, said: "This is one of the easiest things you can do to keep our town and world beautiful - avoid polystyrene packaging.

"If your favourite outlet is still using it and you don't want to switch, you can put pressure on them by mentioning it and by writing to the management."

Polystyrene is used in the catering industry for takeout containers such as disposable trays, plates and cups.

It is not degradable and stays in the environment in the same form.

The council said in coastal areas the broken up polystyrene pollutes the marine environment as chemicals can leak from the polystyrene over time.

Once in the marine environment, it can kill marine wildlife because it mimics food but ultimately causes starvation or choking if ingested.

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