Man requested 'murder kit' to kill ex-partner

Matthias Brandt Image copyright Wiltshire Police
Image caption Matthias Brandt told an undercover policeman of his plan to kill and dismember his ex-partner

A man who told an undercover police officer that he wanted him to source a "murder kit" in order to kill his ex-partner, has been jailed.

Matthias Brandt, of Horsham Road, Park South, Swindon asked for a revolver firearm, rope, knife and stun gun.

He had been in a relationship with his intended victim and became "obsessed" with tracking her down after it ended.

The 43-year-old will serve seven years and eight months in prison and four years and four months on licence.

He pleaded guilty to making threats to kill and encouraging another to aid and abet murder by providing a gun and ammunition.

On 22 March, Brandt told the officer that he wanted to kill and dismember his ex-partner, who he had met in the summer of 2018 in Prague.

Image copyright Wiltshire Police
Image caption Police found searches for a string of weapons during a search of Matthias Brandt's web history

He had proposed to the woman and given her an engagement ring, but the relationship came to an end before Christmas last year.

Brandt was contacted in February by a friend of the woman who told him that his former fiancé had been arrested in America and needed $500 (£380) in bail. Brandt paid the money but then became suspicious that he had been scammed.

Seeking revenge, Brandt paid the undercover officer £300 and agreed to pay more money on return of the murder kit once the killing had taken place.

Det Supt Ben Mant, of Wiltshire Police, said: "Brandt had a clear intention of taking revenge on his former partner and was prepared to take drastic steps to ensure this happened.

"After the relationship ended he became obsessed with tracking her down and continued to try and contact her. He was intense and obsessive.

"It has been one of the most complex cases our Specialist Crime Department has dealt with."

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