Linden Homes: Swindon family claim developer withheld 'unsafe roof report'

Tiles secured with tape Image copyright Joe Tompkinson
Image caption Joe Tompkinson said some of the roof tiles on the new house were secured with duct tape

A homeowner plagued with issues in his new-build house said his family was left unsafe when the developer withheld a report condemning the roof.

Joe Tompkinson also said Linden Homes "reneged" on a promise to pay expenses if they moved out during repair work.

He said more than 400 different faults had been identified since his family moved into the house in Abbey Farm in Swindon in December 2017.

Linden has pledged to "attend to any issues" at the property.

Image caption Joe and Claire Tompkinson said his new-build house is unsafe

Mr Tompkinson claimed he and his family had suffered a catalogue of "extremely poor and negligent" workmanship and botched repairs - including unbolted banisters, sinking bathroom floors, micro-cracks, subsidence and missing brickwork.

Shortly after they moved in, the couple were alerted to problems with the roof when a tile fell off, causing £3,000 of damage to Mrs Tompkinson's car, and tiles were found to be secured with duct tape.

Mr Tompkinson said in December an independent survey condemned the "unsafe" roof because the majority of tiles were incorrectly secured and soffits built too low.

The father of three said he only discovered this information through a subject access request.

He claimed the "dishonest and obstructive" firm would not release the report or provide a copy to the National House Building Council (NHBC).

Image copyright Joe Tompkinson
Image caption Faults identified at the property include micro-cracks, subsidence and missing brickwork

Mr Tompkinson said: "Despite Linden Homes withholding the roofing report, they have stated to me that they do not need to remove the roof.

"This report condemns our roof and Linden have allowed our children to carry on sleeping under it, sitting on this report for six months."

Mr Tompkinson said the company had previously promised £7,350 to cover expenses while the family vacated the house to allow the extensive remedial works to be carried out.

But he said the firm had since "reneged" on the offer, saying the family could remain in the house.

Image caption Linden homes said there was "an unusually high number of reported issues"

In a statement, Linden Homes said: "We have confirmed to Mr Tompkinson, on a number of occasions in writing, that we will attend to any issues with his home which do not comply with NHBC standards.

"We warrant to finish our homes to these standards and the customer has agreed that the NHBC are best placed to determine which issues require attention."

It admitted there was "an unusually high number of reported issues" on the development, which has seen more than 40 other homeowners detail problems.

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