Fashion's 100 objects exhibition in Bath

Fashion outfits Image copyright Fashion Museum, Bath
Image caption 100 of the 'star' outfits have been selected to tell the history of fashion

From bustles to body-con dresses, an exhibition telling the history of fashion in 100 outfits has opened in Bath.

The Museum of Fashion has picked the "star" outfits showing how fashion has evolved from the 1600s to the present.

Manager Rosemary Harden said the collection "showcases the best of the museum's huge collection of outfits".

Here she picks out the key outfits from the exhibition which runs until January 2018.

Image copyright Fashion Museum, Bath
Image caption Waistcoat (L) "Throughout the 1600s embroidery was produced in the home, either by women of the household, or by itinerant workers hired for their needlework skills." 1760s Robe à la française (R) . "Fashion was an essential part of etiquette and good taste in France in the 1700s."
Image copyright Fashion Museum, Bath
Image caption 1820s Man’s trousers (L) "Trousers were the new fashion for men in the early 1820s and by 1825 were an acceptable form of day wear" 1880s Dressing gown (R) "Advocated by those in artistic circles, such as William Morris, ‘aesthetic dress’ was free-flowing, without a tightly corseted waist."
Image copyright Fashion Museum, Bath
Image caption 1930s Evening gown (L) "The gown is by Donguy of Paris; but increasingly ‘Paris look’ clothes were available for the mass market. The gap between fashions for the wealthy and those for the less well-off was starting to decrease." 1954 Dancing dress (R) "Throughout the 1950s Dior set the trend...Designers and manufacturers followed suit, embracing the new shorter length for the evening."
Image copyright Fashion Museum, Bath
Image caption 1965 Mondrian dress (L) "This Mondrian-inspired wool shift dress is by Yves Saint Laurent. It was described as “…the dress of tomorrow - assertive abstraction” by Harper’s Bazaar magazine." 2015 Galaxy dress (R) "This figure-hugging woollen dress, with knotted leather belt, is a Galaxy dress by Roland Mouret. This is dressing for the red-carpet, a key fashion space in the early 2000s."

The exhibition at the Museum of Fashion in Bath runs until January 2018.

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