999 call over poisonous spider that was fluff

A woman called 999 to report she had been trapped in her house by a large poisonous spider, police have revealed.

She told the operator she had just had furniture delivered from overseas and believed the creature had travelled to her home in Wiltshire in a crate.

An officer was sent to investigate but discovered the venomous spider was in fact a piece of fluff.

Wiltshire Police is highlighting the number of "inappropriate" calls it gets as part of a week-long campaign.

In another call, Wiltshire Police said a homeless man rang wanting an officer to come and test a sandwich he had been given as the packet had been slightly opened and he was worried it had been laced with poison.

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Image caption Police have been tweeting some of their 999 calls

Another caller dialled 999 worried that she could not turn her broken tap off and it was overflowing. She was advised to take the plug out and call a plumber.

Jess Hamilton, a crime recording operator, said she had taken a call from someone out rollerblading at night who wanted an officer to "come and pick them up".

"The caller said they had come across a steep hill that they couldn't rollerblade up," she said.

"I ascertained that the caller was not very far from home and suggested that she contact a friend or a family member to pick her up instead."

A force spokeswoman said: "The campaign aims to educate the public about the appropriate use of the 101 and 999 numbers, reduce demand on the crime and communication centre and highlight the excellent work of our call handlers who are often under extremely difficult circumstances."

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