Sat-nav lorry stuck for three days in Wiltshire

Tanker stuck on Tutton Hill, Colerne, Wiltshire Image copyright Wiltshire Police
Image caption The driver was offered hotel accommodation but chose to camp in his cab

A fuel tanker was stuck for three days in a narrow country lane when it became wedged as the driver followed sat-nav directions.

It was delivering fuel to a military base when it became stuck at Tutton Hill near Colerne, Wiltshire.

Police were unable to move the 40ft (12m) tanker and the narrow lane was closed for three days over Christmas.

Councillor Dick Tonge said regulations need to be changed to force commercial drivers to use specific HGV sat-navs.

The tanker was eventually towed away after some of the fuel it was carrying was offloaded.

Mr Tonge, who lives on Tutton Hill, said: "It was a huge tanker that should never have been on that tiny little lane.

"There are plenty of signs off the A4 but unfortunately there are still a residual number of drivers who just follow their sat-nav."

Mr Tonge is now calling for a change in the law to ensure commercial drivers use specific sat-navs, which avoid low bridges and unsuitable roads.

'Lobby the government'

"I don't know why the operators don't buy these because this guy's lost three days, and they've lost three days use of a vehicle," he said.

"It's in their interest but if they won't do it we'll have to lobby the government to do it."

A spokesman for Wiltshire Council said the authority "has little influence in what is essentially a commercial matter".

"Until a mechanism is delivered to ensure that HGV specific units are used, this will remain an issue that occasionally creates incidents of misrouted HGVs."

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