Swindon resident's angry over early bin warning letters

Some people in Swindon are angry at receiving letters saying they may be fined for putting rubbish out early.

Swindon Borough Council wants to deter an increase in litter in Old Town, where foxes and cats rip open bin bags that are put out overnight.

But some residents say they have been given conflicting information about rubbish collection times.

The council apologised and said previous "less strongly worded letters" had not worked.

'Creates a mess'

In a statement it said: "We are trying to get through to a minority of people in this area who insist on putting their rubbish out days before the collections are due.

"It inevitably creates a mess for the majority, as the bags get ripped open overnight by foxes and cats.

"We have had many complaints about this and requests to do something about it."

Toby Robson of local community partnership the Swindon Back Garden Group said the council had given conflicting information about when bins are to be collected, and it was only a few people in the area who were causing the problem.

He said the council should "get tough with the people who are guilty and don't threaten perfectly innocent people with threatening letters".

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