Five puppies found beaten to death on Wiltshire railway line

An RSPCA investigation has begun after five lurcher puppies were found beaten to death on a railway line in Wiltshire.

The animal charity has said the puppies all had "horrific" head injuries and were probably killed and then thrown on the track at Wilton, near Salisbury.

RSPCA inspector Will Hendry said: "It was a truly horrible sight - enough to make your stomach turn."

Three puppies were black with white toes and the other two were white.

He added: "These poor little things had clearly all been battered over the head until they died, then chucked over the bridge like rubbish.

"The suffering they would have gone through is unimaginable."

The bodies of the five-week old puppies were found on 19 April at the North Station Yard on Warminster Road.

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