Bristol vote of no confidence in women bishop row

The diocese of Bristol is one of the first in the country to challenge the Church of England's decision to refuse the ordination of women bishops.

The proposal was rejected by the General Synod of the Church of England on 20 November.

The Bristol Diocesan Synod has since passed a vote of no confidence in the national ruling synod's abilities.

The Bishop of Bristol said he believes the church will remain "underdeveloped" until women bishops are permitted.

The Right Reverend Mike Hill said: "We would get a new and different perspective within the episcopate and I believe that new and different perspective would be a gift to the present House of Bishops and to the wider church."

At a meeting on Saturday, 51 members of the Bristol synod voted in favour of the motion which was proposed by the Reverend Mat Ineson, Vicar of St Matthew's and St Nathanael's in Kingsdown. Three voted against and there were no abstentions.

Reverend Ineson said in voting for this motion, members expressed their "frustration and disappointment" that the support of 42 out of the 44 dioceses in the country for the women bishops legislation was not reflected in the national decision-making process.

He added: "The system has failed the people and urgently needs fixing."

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