'Eau de Trowbridge' perfume inspired by Wiltshire county town

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Image caption Ms Robbins said the scent has been inspired by the town of Trowbridge

A woman from Wiltshire has launched a new perfume in an effort to capture the essence of the town she lives in.

The "green and woody" scent is called "Eau de Trow" and was created by nurse Louise Robbins with the county town of Trowbridge as inspiration.

"I wouldn't say it smells of Trowbridge as such - it's something really inspired by Trowbridge," she said.

"It has a bit of a bad reputation and I thought it would make people feel differently about the town."

The town's signature fragrance has been designed, according to Ms Robbins, with a citrus base to appeal to both men and women.

'Sums up Trowbridge'

"I've really looked at the history and the location of the town and made a scent which is quite green and woody and which sums up Trowbridge for me," she said.

"Obviously the smell is not going to appeal to everyone because everyone likes different perfumes, but I think it's really lovely.

"And I'll be making one for the individual towns in Wiltshire based on their history and environment - even the names will be appropriate for each town.."

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