Wiltshire pupils' subsidised school bus fares to be cut

Hundreds of children will have to pay more for their bus journeys to schools in Wiltshire.

About 400 pupils at faith schools in the county get subsidised travel if they live more than three miles away.

But Wiltshire Council has said it can no longer afford the travel subsidy, which costs £166,000 a year.

Subsidised travel for new students to faith schools will be phased out from next year, which could see some parents face a rise in costs of £400 a year.

Pupils currently receiving subsidies will continue to do so until they leave school.

The councillor responsible for public transport, Richard Gamble, said the decision, made at a meeting on Tuesday, was fair.

"It doesn't restrict the choice any more for those parents than it does for any parent who wants to send their child to any school other than their designated school," he said.

"There's no distinction therefore between the faith schools and the other criteria for choosing a different school other than perhaps your nearest one."

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