Lydiard Park housing inquiry taking place

People living by a park in Swindon claim a new housing development would increase traffic in the area and affect local wildlife.

A planning application for 175 houses on Lydiard Park was turned down in October.

Developers Primegate Properties have appealed against the decision, and a planning inquiry is now taking place.

They insist that local wildlife will not be affected by the proposed development.

Primegate Properties spokesman Les Durrant said: "We've got landscape specialists and historic park garden specialists who've been part of our professional team looking at our proposals, and they are quite satisfied that the development will not have an adverse impact on the park.

"There's a need to build houses in Swindon and the Lydiard Park site has been seen as a very sustainable location for development."

Lorraine Williams from the Lydiard Fields Action Group said she believed the proposed development would have a big impact on the park and its wildlife.

She said: "I don't think I've met anybody who thinks this is a good idea at all."

The inquiry is due to last for four days.

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