Gloucestershire fire crews rescue calf from water pipe

Fire crews were called to free a calf trapped in a water pipe at Woodchester country park in Gloucestershire.

The animal had fallen into a reservoir overflow chute and was swept into the 50m (164ft) outlet pipe.

Rescuers crawled in and pushed out the calf which had collapsed with exhaustion halfway down.

Station manager David Lane said it had minor injuries, but otherwise seemed to recover after the two-hour operation.

"We got a call at 9.30am. A jogger noticed the calf had gone into the reservoir chute," he said.

"The calf's legs were folded underneath it, so it was a really tight fit. We sent two guys down the pipe and they pushed it out at about 11.30."

He said the creature was "badly beaten up, with lots of scrapes and cuts", but was eventually able to get back on it feet and be led back into a nearby field.

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