Wiltshire Police warn of drink-drive consequences

Wiltshire Police say this year's drink-drive campaign aims to raise awareness of the consequences of being caught.

From 1 December the force will be carrying out roadside checks to see if motorists are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

A Wiltshire Police spokesman said receiving a driving ban would impact on all areas of life.

"It could mean a minimum 12-month driving ban, a large fine, a criminal record, and higher insurance," he said.

Clear message

"We're putting a great deal of time and effort into this year's campaign, with the intention of showing the public that drink and drug-driving is completely anti-social, and a grave danger to other road users.

"The message from us is perfectly clear. If you take a chance on drink-driving, you will be caught," he said.

The force is also running a drink-drive hotline for members of the public to report a driver they suspect to be over the limit.

Officers have also been trained in tests to show if motorists are unfit to drive because of drugs.

"While the police have always had, and retain, a power to arrest drivers whom they suspect may be unfit to drive through drink or drugs, these tests help us to better determine at the roadside, whether or not the driver may be under the influence of drugs," the force spokesman added.

During 2009 Wiltshire officers conducted 7,098 breath tests, 692 of which were positive and those drivers were arrested and prosecuted.

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