Clampdown on anti-social behaviour on Trowbridge estate


People living on an estate in Wiltshire say a recent increase in police presence has improved their community.

Studley Green in Trowbridge has suffered problems with anti-social behaviour with residents complaining about damage to property and drugs.

Police introduced a dispersal order two weeks ago which gives them more powers to break up groups whose behaviour is considered to be threatening.

The order will run for six months until 5 May 2011.

Officers will be able to ban individuals for up to 24 hours from the area and under-16s, who are not accompanied by an adult, can be escorted home after 2100 GMT.

Supt Gavin Williams, from Wiltshire Police, said: "In the three months leading up to the dispersal order, we had some 40 calls for anti-social behaviour in the area.

'Throwing bottles'

"Since the introduction there's only been three calls - so that is a fantastic result but there is clearly a long way to go.

"And it is not just about young people, it's about people acting in an anti-social way."

One local resident told the BBC that she had noticed an improvement since the police were granted the additional powers.

She said: "They would usually sit opposite where I live, just smoking, drinking and throwing bottles around.

"My grandchildren wouldn't go in the park - even in the daytime - they'd just play out on the green.

"I've noticed that it is quieter now, especially at night."

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