'Sick prank' leaves cat dyed pink in Swindon


The RSPCA have criticised a "sick prank" in which a cat had its fur dyed pink and was then thrown over a garden fence in Swindon.

Officers are looking for the owner of the cat, which was found by a man in his garden in Wesley Street on 18 September.

The two-year-old, who has been named Pink, is said to be in good health.

However, vets have not been able to wash the dye out of her fur and she will have to wait for it to grow out.

It is thought the naturally white domestic short-haired cat is either a stray or has been abandoned.

This is because the fur around her neck has a pattern which suggests she has been wearing a collar fairly recently.

'Poor creature'

But the RSPCA said she could be someone's missing pet who was the victim of a prank.

image captionIt is unknown how long the dye will stay on

Veterinary surgeon Penny Gillespie, who is caring for Pink at Cheldene Veterinary Centre and Boarding Cattery, said: "We have no idea what the dye is or how long it will last.

"It is clearly not toxic but still unpleasant.

"The person responsible has covered her thoroughly all over but avoided putting any around the animal's eyes and nose.

"Further washing would stress Pink and probably would not help to remove the colour so it will be case of waiting for it to grow out."

RSPCA officer Carl Hone said: "When I got the call I thought perhaps it would be a cat with something natural on their coat or which had rubbed against wet paint but this poor creature has been dyed completely pink, except around her eyes and nose, so she looks like she has a white mask on."

He added: "We are very keen to trace the person responsible for doing this to the cat and I would urge anyone with information, or who knows who she belongs to, to please call the RSPCA."

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