Coronovirus: Pharmacist mixes own hand sanitiser

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Seaham pharmacy
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The team at J&J Pharmacy hopes others will follow their lead

A County Durham pharmacist is making his own anti-bacterial gel, after supplies ran out.

Yashwanth Koorakula got the idea after worried, often vulnerable, customers told him they were unable to source any hand sanitiser.

It is now being made, according to strict World Health Organisation guidelines, in his premises in Seaham.

He can only make a limited supply so the priority is elderly customers for whom it is free - others pay a charge.

Mr Koorakula said: "We are doing this in the interests of the public - if we can make it, why don't we?"

Although there are only a few ingredients, he said it would not be safe for the general public to prepare it.

'Wash hands'

"You need to know the exact amounts and the wrong concentrations could be dangerous," he said.

His staff at J&J Pharmacy are now hoping others will follow their lead.

However, Sri Punapati, the pharmacy manager, emphasised that hand-washing remained the most important coronovirus preventative.

"Hand gel will not take away the dirt," she said.

"It's only for when you're out and about and unable to access soap and water.

"Keep calm and carry on washing your hands."