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Woman describes mother's Belford cattle death

Marian Clode Image copyright Clode family
Image caption Marion Clode was "repeatedly headbutted" by one of the animals

A woman has described the moment her mother was "flipped like a ragdoll" over a fence in a fatal attack by a herd of cattle in Northumberland.

Marian Clode was walking with her family on a public bridleway in Belford on 3 April when it happened.

The 61-year-old holidaymaker, from Greater Manchester, was treated at the scene, but died in hospital.

Daughter Lucy Rowe said one of the herd became aggressive, approached Mrs Clode and "repeatedly headbutted" her.

"It charged at her a third time with its head down and it lifted its head up and it flipped my mum like a ragdoll over the fence that she was stood up against and into the next field," she said

Approached at speed

Her family said they wanted to warn others of the danger posed by aggressive cattle.

Mrs Clode was on holiday with her husband, daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren.

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Media captionMarion Clode was walking with her family when she was attacked

They were walking along a public bridle path which runs through a farm from the National Trust site, St Cuthbert's Cave, when they were approached at speed by a herd of cattle.

Mrs Rowe's husband Kevin said: "We were probably doing everything we should have been doing.

"We had a guidebook, a map and were on a bridleway doing a walk we'd done before."

The family said they would be hiring a solicitor to represent them at the inquest.

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