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Newcastle criminal fights son's adoption

A criminal with a lengthy record has won the latest round of a family court fight to prevent his toddler son being adopted.

Magistrates had ruled earlier this year that the boy, who will turn two in the near future, should be placed for adoption.

But the man, 25, appealed and a judge in Newcastle has upheld his challenge.

She also ordered a fresh hearing of the case saying the initial decision had "shortcomings".

The man, who is separated from the his son's mother, said magistrates had failed to properly evaluate options for the boy's future and had not given him a fair hearing.

Judge Rachel Hudson "expressed some disquiet" about aspects of the proceedings before magistrates and said there had been a "number of shortcomings".

Detail of her decision has emerged in a written ruling.

The judge said the man had criminal convictions dating back more than a decade although his offending had generally been at a "relatively low level".

She did not identify anyone involved but she said the toddler's mother also had a troubled background.

The judge also said the boy had been made the subject of a protection plan after social workers became concerned about him being neglected.

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