Chris Juby shares every Bible chapter on Twitter over 1,189 days

image captionMr Juby said the experience had helped focus his understanding of the Bible

A man has completed his goal of summarising every chapter of the Bible into 140 characters and sharing it on Twitter.

Web designer Chris Juby, 33, shared a chapter every day for 1,189 days through his @biblesummary account.

Mr Juby said he had not "missed a single tweet since August 2010".

The father-of-two, who is King's Church Durham's director of worship, said he was delighted to have made his 29,000 followers think about the Bible.

His final post was a summation of Revelation 22 which reads: "The river of life flows from the throne of God. Behold I am coming soon. I am the beginning and the end'. Amen. Come Lord Jesus!"

He said when he began sharing the chapters, he was "braced for a variety of responses and conversations, but most have been overwhelmingly supportive".

'Profound effect'

He said he had "started the project as a way to focus my Bible reading".

"I thought writing summaries would help me get to the heart of the chapters, and then decided to publish the summaries on Twitter.

"I've had a few followers say that my summaries have really helped them understand the chapters."

He added that he had "also enjoyed it when people have wanted to suggest other ways I could have summarised".

Of all his tweets, Mr Juby said his favourite had been his version of Romans 8, which read: "The law of the Spirit has set you free. We are children of God and co-heirs with Christ. Nothing can separate us from the love of God."

He added that the project had "a profound effect on me".

"A lot has happened in my life in the last three years - not least the birth of my two sons - and the story of scripture has constantly been there helping give perspective."

"In terms of what comes next - a couple of publishers have been in touch, so I'm hoping to publish a Bible summary book."

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