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Newcastle council boss Barry Rowland caught speeding

A council boss was caught speeding by a camera put up by his own authority in Newcastle.

Barry Rowland, chief executive of Newcastle City Council, was snapped and fined for speeding on the Coast Road, Newcastle, in 2008.

But the conviction has only just come to light on the day the council has decided to switch on seven dormant cameras in the city.

Mr Rowland said the "inescapable irony" of being caught was not lost on him.

A Newcastle City Council spokesman said the seven cameras at five locations in the city had been switched off for several years, but had acted as deterrents.

'Slow down'

Mr Rowland was one of a handful of motorists caught out when the cameras were switched on for four days to undergo tests four years ago.

Mr Rowland said: "I do recall receiving a fixed penalty ticket from a speed camera on the Coast Road some time ago.

It would seem that this was during the short period that the cameras were in operation.

"The irony is inescapable."

Nick Clennett, chairman of the Northumbria Safer Roads Initiative, said: "While these cameras have been working by virtue of their presence and the fact many motorists assumed they were enforcing, data disclosure meant that many would realise they were not live and excessive speed levels would return.

"We want people to slow down because it makes the roads safer, which is why the cameras are there in the first place."

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