North Tyneside Army medic awarded Military Cross


An Army medic from North Tyneside has received the Military Cross for courage after she helped wounded colleagues in Afghanistan while under fire.

L/Cpl Sarah Bushbye, 25, is only the third British Army woman to be awarded the honour. She received it earlier during a ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

Following an attack by suicide bombers in December 2009, she gave medical care to injured British and Afghan comrades.

Her professionalism and courage were described as "extraordinary".

L/Cpl Bushbye's citation told how she ignored the risk of sharpshooters and Improvised Explosive Devices to cross 500m of open valley to reach injured colleagues.

Image caption, L/Cpl Sarah Bushbye displayed professionalism and selfless courage

It said she kept her head, reporting to her commander and advising soldiers who were assisting her.

Her composure and clear direction was said to have calmed the shaken men, as she moved between the casualties, and administered resuscitation to one soldier who had stopped breathing.

Once a rescue Chinook landed it became the target of small arms fire, but she continued to cross between it and the checkpoint, working to keep the men alive and giving a handover to each of the medics on board.

The citation concluded: "Her professionalism, selfless courage and conspicuous gallantry in the face of the enemy while under fire were extraordinary, given her rank and experience."

She said: "It was like a horror movie it was very busy and it went on for about an hour.

"It's all about your training. If you get good training you can get through just about any situation. I was nervous coming up to the scene but when I was at the scene I forgot about everything and just did my job.

"When we were back at the camp that's when it sort of hit you, it was quite an emotional evening because we lost our two guys."

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