Pc said girl killed by speeding officer was 'scumbag'

image captionPc Julie Neve (left) and Sgt Lynne McKevitt face disciplinary action, police say

Two police officers are facing disciplinary action over their conduct after a Newcastle teenager was killed by a speeding patrol car.

Hayley Adamson, 16, died after being hit by the car driven by Pc John Dougal in May 2008. He was later jailed.

Minutes after the fatal crash a dog handler sent to the scene was overheard referring to Hayley as a "scumbag".

Northumbria Police said she and another officer, who behaved inappropriately during Dougal's trial, faced action.

The Northumbria force expressed "shock and horror" at the behaviour of the officers and said an apology had been made to the teenager's family.

Dougal was driving his patrol car at more than 90mph when Hayley was struck in Denton Road, Scotswood, on 19 May 2008.

At his subsequent trial it emerged he was following at night what he wrongly thought was a stolen car at 94mph in a 30mph zone without flashing lights or sirens.

He was convicted of causing the death of the teenager by dangerous driving and jailed for three years.

image captionPc John Dougal accelerated to 94mph without his blue lights

Northumbria Police has now told the BBC's Inside Out that two other officers face being disciplined after their conduct was investigated.

Dog handler Pc Julie Neve was heard referring to Hayley as a "Scotchy Scumbag" after her death - a reference to the area of Scotswood close to Hayley's home.

The second officer faces action after behaving inappropriately during Dougal's trial at Newcastle Crown Court.

The teenager's family complained that Sgt Lynne McKevitt repeatedly tutted in court whenever Hayley's name was mentioned.

Supt Jo Farrell said: "On a personal and professional level I am shocked and horrified that somebody would respond in that way.

"An internal discipline investigation was carried out and Hayley's family were consulted throughout that investigation.

"Disciplinary action is going to be taken against the officers concerned."

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