Middlesbrough teen reflects on lockdown as a mum

Robyn kisses Skyla
Image caption Robyn's daughter Skyla was born in June 2019

Like many across the country, 17-year-old Robyn has faced some challenges during lockdown, not least celebrating her daughter Skyla's first birthday. How have they got on over the past 100 days?

"It's been weird, I can't wait for things to get back to normal," she says.

Robyn is used to seeing her family and more than anything wants to give them a big hug.

She has been unable to see her mother and grandmother, with the two miles between their homes seeming more like 200.

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Image caption Robyn said she has missed hugging her mum Shelly and grandmother Avril

But Robyn has not been alone. Her daughter Skyla was born in June 2019, with Robyn's journey documented by the BBC Radio Tees Pregnant Teens podcast.

When lockdown began on 23 March, Robyn, her boyfriend Lewis and their daughter were living in a two-bedroom terraced house in the Gresham area of Middlesbrough.

"I'm very close to mum and my nana so not being able to see them was quite hard at the beginning of lockdown," Robyn says.

"When we could go round in the garden it was still weird and upsetting because I couldn't give them a hug - I just had to say bye and walk away when we left.

"Skyla gets really agitated when we sit in the house all day - she's used to being out so if we're in the house all day she gets bored and moody and that puts me and my boyfriend in a mood.

"When lockdown started it meant that my mum couldn't have her overnight once a month like she did have, so that was quite stressful too."

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Image caption The young family has been able to spend some time outdoors together

They also went through the trials and stresses of a house move.

Robyn's mum paid for a removal van and the young couple packed everything up in a day and moved to a housing estate on the other side of town.

"When they were starting to ease lockdown we started packing and got the keys for our new house.

"We spent the night packing everything and got up early the next morning and moved in.

"It's a lot better here, we're a lot happier and more comfortable."

As the 100th day of lockdown approached, so too did Skyla's first birthday.

Image copyright Robyn
Image caption Skyla celebrated her first birthday during lockdown

"They said last week on the news that people could come round and sit in the garden," Robyn says.

"For Skyla's birthday we had a first birthday party in the garden and put party food on and had a cake.

"We didn't think we'd be able to celebrate it at all.

"It was nice to have family here but in a way I'm glad we were in lockdown because I would have felt like we should have a big party at a children's play centre which would have been a bit pointless really because Skyla can't walk."

Image copyright Robyn
Image caption Skyla has not enjoyed having to stay at home, her mum Robyn said

The past 100 days have been a trial for the young family but they have got through it.

"Since being a kid I've always been around my nana and it's been hard not seeing her," Robyn says.

"Lockdown has made me realise how much I rely on my family and how much I love them."

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