Jessica Breeze 'stabbed father to death after family row'

Police outside the house on Keith Road
Image caption Colin Brady was stabbed as he walked to the font door, the jury heard

A nursery worker accused of killing her father by knifing him in the back told police he had been trying to stab her mother, a court has heard.

Jessica Breeze, 20, denies murdering Colin Brady, 49, at the family home in Keith Road, Middlesbrough, in June.

Teesside Crown Court was told Mr Brady had hit his daughter and was threatening to kill his partner.

The kitchen knife went 18cm (7in) into his left lung and he died at the town's James Cook University Hospital.

Nick Dry, prosecuting, said: "What happened that night was the culmination of a troubled and volatile relationship between father and daughter, characterised by frequent arguments, not infrequent violence and regular disharmony within the household."

He added Mr Brady was "a man with a violent past, no-nonsense, controlling and intolerant of departures from the rules of his house" but added "sympathy is not a defence to murder".

'Foggy' recollection

The jury heard an argument broke out after Ms Breeze's parents found out she been secretly seeing her boyfriend when she had said she had been at work.

Mr Brady slapped or punched his then 19-year-old daughter several times, and her mother intervened, at which point he thought his partner was taking her side and he put his thumb in her eye, the court heard.

Ms Breeze's mother, Karen Breeze, told police afterwards how her partner shouted: "I swear down on my mother's life, I am going to kill the pair of you."

Mr Brady grabbed a knife and asked if they wanted him to cut his own throat before the women fled upstairs.

Shortly after, the jury was told, Mr Brady threatened to smash the family's cars up and, as he walked to the front door, his daughter stabbed him.

In her defence statement, Jessica Breeze said she was "foggy" about what had happened and could not remember getting the knife.

The trial continues.

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