Cannabis farm 'worth £300,000' found in Loftus

image copyrightCLeveland Police
image captionMore than 500 plants were found in Loftus

A cannabis farm consisting of more than 500 plants with a street value of £300,000 has been found.

Cleveland Police said an officer discovered the farm in a property on West Road in Loftus.

Officers are trying to find the people responsible for growing the plants, a spokeswoman said.

Police have also issued a list of "tell-tale signs which often give cannabis farms away" for which members of the public "should be vigilant".

These include:

  • Windows sealed and covered in a property or the curtains permanently closed
  • Bright lights on 24 hours a day or at unusual times
  • A property producing a lot of heat - birds often gather on the roof of a warm property in cold weather
  • Frequent and varied visitors to a property, often at unusual times
  • Gardening equipment being taken into a property, such as plant pots, fertiliser, fans and industrial lighting
  • Big electricity bills
  • A strong smell of cannabis constantly in the street

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