Lee Tyers put pubic hair in Middlesbrough restaurant curry

A man who put his own pubic hair in a restaurant curry to try to avoid paying the bill has been jailed for two weeks.

Lee Tyers was caught on CCTV placing the hair in his lamb bhuna at Jamal's Indian restaurant in Middlesbrough, before complaining to staff.

The 40-year-old was found guilty at Teesside Magistrates' Court, of fraud by false representation. He had walked out without paying, last November.

Tyers was ordered to pay the £39.55 bill as compensation.

Restaurant owner Jamal Chowdhury, said: "He showed me his plate and I said 'I gave you a clean plate'.

"He had eaten everything but then on the side of the plate there was some brown hair.

"It was separate and not mixed into the food. I took it under the light and showed him it was brown hair and said that all the staff in the restaurant have black hair."

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