DARTZ! music used on TV after the band split

image captionDARTZ! saw TV success after they agreed to call it a day

DARTZ! split up in 2009, but that hasnt stopped them becoming famous.

The Teesside band have had their music used on adverts for Microsoft Bing and Honda, plus TV shows including Skins and the Big Brother Awards Show.

And now an instrumental version of 'Once, twice, again,' is now the theme music used for ESPN and Sky Sports' Premier League football coverage.

But the band aren't rolling around in a swimming pool full of £50 notes, they still have jobs, and solo aspirations.

The band was made up of William K.J. Anderson, from Skelton, Philip Maughan from Marske and Henry Carden from Guisborough, who all co-wrote the now famous song, and all receive royalties through the PRS (Performing Rights Society) for each time a clip of their music is been used on TV or radio.

Will, who is now pursuing a solo career, can't believe how their music took off.

He said: "It's been pretty amazing having one of our songs featured on the football highlights.

"It wasn't really what we had in mind when we wrote the song but it works really well - seeing moments like Wayne Rooney's incredible bicycle kick against Man City soundtracked by our music!"

image captionWill from the band is pursuing a solo career

Henry Carden still keeps involved in the music industry but isn't planning on starting up a solo career just yet.

He said: "Will does some really great solo stuff. He's done one album and a few other recordings and pretty much every song he writes is amazing.

"He's also got a new band with a lad out of The Maple State - they're called Algiers and they're absolutely brilliant.

"I've done a few collaborations and bits of writing for other people, but not really 'solo' as such and as far as I know, Phil's main musical output since DARTZ! has been in his university choir!"

Even though DARTZ! songs have now been used on TV, Will explains that a reunion is doubtful.

He said: "Well, our songs started being used on TV about a year after we'd split up.

"The band ran its course and I think we split up at the right time.

"It was nice to call it a day whilst people still cared - although I guess it could have been better for our 'musical careers' if we'd have this sort of TV coverage when we were still an active band!"

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