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Teesside child sex offender scheme 'helps 84 children'

image captionCleveland Police say the new scheme has protected 84 children so far

A child sex offender disclosure scheme in Teesside has helped protect 84 children, Cleveland police have said.

In the two years since it began, 154 applications have been made for information about individuals and 29 disclosures have been made.

Information has been given about child sex offenders, violent offenders and allegations of a sexual nature.

Police say as a result of the disclosures, 84 children have been removed from potential danger.

The scheme makes it easier for parents to find out about individuals in contact with their children.

Cleveland Police was one of four forces to take part in the pilot in September 2008, in the Stockton area.

It has now been extended to other areas, with the Home Office announcing that all forces across England and Wales will be part of the scheme by 4 April.

Chief Constable Sean Price said: "Safeguarding children from potential harm is a vital and extremely important part of the work we do.

"We will continue to empower parents, carers and guardians to play an active role in ensuring that more children are protected."

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