In Pictures: The jumpers that make people invisible

Model on stairs Image copyright Joseph Ford
Image caption Joseph Ford's photographs captured the moments models could melt into the background

An unlikely collaboration between a knitter and photographer has given rise to a quirky book documenting "invisible jumpers".

Nina Dodd's knitting of a jumper inspired by a bus seat in Brighton prompted photographer Joseph Ford to think up further ideas.

A project was born and models would wear jumpers allowing their torsos and midriffs to blend into the background.

Nina and Joseph have now released a book showing off their teamwork.

The first photoshoot the pair were involved in was able to happen thanks to the Brighton Bus Company's generosity.

Twins in jumpers Image copyright Joseph Ford
Image caption Twins modelling jumpers knitted by Nina merge with their surroundings

Nina, from Brighton, said: "It all started because I love knitting.

"There is nothing better than sitting on a bus. One day I sat on the bus and thought 'why have I never knitted a jumper that looks like a bus seat?'.

"I jumped off the bus at the next stop and went to a wool shop and knitted that jumper."

Mouse in jumper Image copyright Joseph Ford
Image caption A mouse uses its jumper to hide from a cat in plain sight

Joseph added: "We had been working together on another project and Nina mentioned this jumper to me and I thought it was great.

"We found a model and Brighton Bus Company gave us a bus for the afternoon and shot a picture.

"I said to Nina would she knit another one if I came up with a good idea?"

Book Image copyright Hoxton Mini Press
Image caption Nina and Joseph's book Invisible Jumpers has now been published

Some of Joseph's ideas were almost impossible to replicate in knit-form but other ideas did come to fruition including a camouflage jumper for a dog.

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Watermelon Image copyright Joseph Ford
Image caption Nina Dodd knitted a jumper for a banana to be able to blend into a watermelon

Nina said: "It was always a challenge.

"The problem with knitting is that it is very complicated stuff. If it is a regular pattern like the bus with straight lines then it is easy-peasy.

"With the other stuff you are knitting three stitches and changing colours."

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