Hastings bus stop note lands homeless man job

Anthony's note and tentImage source, Charlotte Howard
Image caption,
Charlotte Howard spotted the note as she was waiting for a bus to go to college

A man who has been living on the streets for nine years has been found a home and job after a teenager spotted his note posted next to a bus stop.

Anthony Johnson's note said he was looking for a job "to make life worth living".

Charlotte Howard, 16, saw the note on the Hastings bus stop and decided to post an appeal on social media.

She has so far raised £1,000 and found a caravan for Mr Johnson, who has also been offered a job as a handyman.

Charlotte said when she saw Anthony's note at the bus stop next to his tent it "broke her heart".

'Deserves a home'

Mr Johnson's note read: "I will do a trial for free to show how I work. I don't take drugs or drink.

"I will also do dog walking/minding, window cleaning, shopping, gardening, car valeting/washing, housework, cooking..

"Anything to earn a living and make life seem worth living."

Charlotte posted an appeal for donations online: "There is a caravan for sale and it cost £100, the goal is £300 as it needs some work done."

Charlotte told BBC Sussex: "Everyone deserves a home."

She said the caravan was donated to Mr Johnson and now a local homeless charity is trying to find a permanent site for it.

Image source, Stephen Wynn-Davies
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Antony Johnson (left) and Nelson Smith are setting up a handyman business

Juliet Kelly from the Hastings charity Warming Up the Homeless, said: "I've just been there to advise her, and try and let Anthony know what's going on.

"I was worried he might be a bit overwhelmed by it, but he's loving it."

After seeing Charlotte's appeal Nelson Smith offered Mr Johnson a job and the pair are now working to set up a handyman business.

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Mr Johnson told the Hastings Observer: "Getting a job is about having something to do rather than rotting away on a bench. It's about having something in your life."

Charlotte said: "I wasn't expecting all this from a couple of [online] shares."

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