George Ezra: Radio message to 76-year-old fan

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Beryl Reeves
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Beryl Reeves says George Ezra's music "makes me want to move"

A grandmother has received a message from chart singer George Ezra live on BBC Radio 1 after seeing him at her first ever pop concert.

Beryl Reeves, 76, from Hove saw the singer in concert in Brighton on Monday, having already told her story to BBC Sussex.

George Ezra heard about Beryl and spoke to Greg James on his show on Radio One.

He said: "I would just like to say a huge thank you to Beryl for making it down to the show."

Ms Reeves, who went to the concert on her own after her grandson Kevin Parkes-Reeves bought her a ticket, said: "I've got to get in the moshpit now, instead of in the balcony.

"When I hear the music wherever I am, it makes we want to move."

She said after the concert: "It was wonderful, absolutely wonderful. It was amazing the number of people who stand to watch - that's what surprised me."

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George Ezra left a message for "our mate Beryl", via the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show

Following the gig another of her grandchildren, Jack Collingbourne, spoke to Greg James on his BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show in a bid to contact George Ezra for a "shout out" to her.

James replied: "I will now make it my life's work to get you a message from George Ezra to say 'hello'."

Ezra later got in contact with James and said in a message broadcast on his show: "I just listened back to the phone call you had with our mate Beryl. What an amazing thing.

"What I'm going to do is I'm going to put together a few little bits. I'm going to sign a few bits of the bits that we have on tour so that's going to be coming to Beryl very soon."

Beryl said: "I can't believe it. Me just going to a concert - it seems so unreal.

"I had the tunes going round in my head, and it made me smile so much."