East Sussex County Council leader to get 37% rise

Image source, East Sussex County Council
Image caption, East Sussex County Council webcast their council meetings

A council leader who is to get a 37% increase in his allowances says he is "worth the money and more".

The Conservative leader of East Sussex County Council, Keith Glazier is to get the rise bringing his allowances to £34,000 per year.

A Lib Dem councillor said members were showing "contempt" for voters by awarding themselves a 9% increase in allowances.

The council said the increases were recommended by an independent panel.

Mr Glazier said: "I'm absolutely convinced that the difference I can make to the people of East Sussex is worth the money and more.

"Nobody joins councils for the money. You do this because you want to make a difference to the people you represent."

Library closures

Lib Dem councillor, Sarah Osbourne said she was donating her increase to charity, adding the rise sent a message of "contempt for the residents".

"I couldn't vote myself a pay rise and look people in the eye when I know that desperately needed services are going to be cut."

Seven libraries are facing closure after the council said it needs to save £17m this year.

Savings of £58m are due to be made by 2021 under current council plans.

Earlier this month the council launched an online video campaign seeking "fairer" government funding.

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