Brighton's i360 tower: Passengers stuck for second time within days

Engineer trying to fix i360 on Sunday Image copyright Nick Burlin / Twitter

The British Airways i360 attraction in Brighton has broken down for the second time within days, trapping passengers inside the observation pod.

About 200 people were stuck for more than an hour at ground level due to a problem with the door sensors.

Passenger Nic Small said engineers could be seen outside the doors "with screwdrivers trying to remove panels".

British Airways i360 said engineers were correcting the fault to enable operations to resume on Monday.

On Thursday, a "slight technical fault" left passengers stranded in mid-air, about 30ft (12m) off the ground.

Image copyright Nick Burlin / Twitter

The i360, which only opened last month, promises to take passengers 450ft (137m) above the ground.

Mr Small said he and his family had entered the pod at 17:20 BST, and it "readily became apparent it wasn't going anywhere".

He said there had been very few announcements as to what was going on, although staff were "constantly on their two-way radios".

"Some people were getting slightly angry with staff behind the bar, as they'd quite like to leave," he told the BBC.

Passengers were finally let off the i360 at about 18:30 BST.

A spokeswoman for British Airways i360 said: "British Airways i360 was affected by a technical fault this evening.

"Passengers disembarked and our on-site engineers are correcting the fault to enable operations to resume tomorrow.

"We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to customers and will offer those affected a full refund for their visit and a complimentary ticket to return another time."

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