Abandoned fox cubs reunited with mother

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Media captionA family of foxes is reunited after the mum and babies were accidentally disturbed in East Sussex.

A litter of fox cubs has been reunited with its mother who fled after being accidentally disturbed.

Residents were cleaning up in the Langney area of Eastbourne when they frightened the vixen living under a board in a disused pond.

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) were called to help reunite the fox with her babies after she bolted.

Animal rescuers said there were "tears of joy" as the family were reunited.

Image copyright WRAS
Image caption The fox cubs were exceptionally healthy, the rescuers said.

The cubs were initially taken to a casualty centre for assessment but were found to be "in really good condition" and returned to the site.

They were taken back near to where they were initially found and after several hours, the mother returned and picked them up one at a time before moving them to a new den.

Mr Weeks said: "We were over the moon, watching her for so long getting closer.

"I've hardened up over the last 31 years and I have learnt to hide my emotions well, but [we] had tears of joy in our eyes as she was taking them."

Image copyright WRAS
Image caption Young mammals hidden in grass or behind bushes should be left alone, the rescuers said.

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