Hot Flush film festival in Brighton celebrates women over 50

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Nuala O'Sullivan said organisers of the Short Hot Flush Film Festival had 68 movies submitted to them

A film festival showcasing the work of women over 50 is tackling the lack of roles for older women in front of the camera and behind it.

The Short Hot Flush Film Festival is showing 27 films featuring women.

"There were only two rules to submit a film to us," said co-founder Nuala O'Sullivan.

"There had to be a woman over 50 at the heart of the action - so not the granny but somebody driving the action - or a woman over 50 behind the camera."

Organisers of the one-day festival at Exeter Street Hall in Brighton had 68 films submitted for consideration.

A panel of academics and filmmakers will also discuss what can be done by film-goers as well as those making movies to improve the position of women.

'Gender specific roles'

Actors including Kristin Scott Thomas,Juliet Stevenson and Maggie Gyllenhaal have criticised the lack of roles for older women in films and TV.

"Women are generally under represented behind the camera," said Ms O'Sullivan.

"And when they are behind the camera they tend to be in very gender specific roles in make-up or wardrobe.

"They are not the director of photography, they are not directing the action and they are not producing or writing as much as men."

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Among the 27 films being shown is a documentary about Alice Denny made by Lewis Hancox and Fox Fisher

Films being shown at the festival include a documentary about poet and transgender activist Alice Denny, made by Lewis Hancox and Fox Fisher.

"I have been interviewed by other people and you get the idea that people want you to say certain things," said Ms Denny.

"With this one I got to say exactly what I wanted to say."

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