Virgin Holidays loses Barbados glass door injury appeal

Virgin Holidays has failed in a bid to overturn a compensation award made to a woman who walked into a glass door in her Barbados hotel room.

Moira Japp, 53, from Worthing in West Sussex, received lacerations all over her body in the accident in 2008.

She argued that safety glass should have been installed and was awarded thousands of pounds in compensation at a previous county court hearing.

Virgin asked the Court of Appeal to overturn that ruling, but to no avail.

Mrs Japp's action focused on whether the glass in the door complied with local safety standards.

A judge at Brighton County Court found that Virgin Holidays was liable for Mrs Japp's injuries, subject to a 20% deduction for contributory negligence, and awarded her £19,200 in compensation.

Giving the Court of Appeal's ruling, Lord Justice Richards rejected Virgin's challenge to the judge's finding that the doors did not comply with local standards at the date of their installation.

Mrs Japp had been relaxing on her balcony in a bikini at the Crystal Cove Hotel in September 2008 when she went into her hotel room to answer the phone, accidentally walking into the sliding glass door.

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