Samantha Medland killed in "frenzied" Brighton stabbing

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Samantha Medland died after suffering stab wounds

A jilted husband stabbed his wife to death as she collected her belongings from him following their marriage break-up, a court has heard.

Ty Medland, 26, from Peacehaven, East Sussex, has admitted killing his 24-year-old wife Samantha in Brighton earlier this year, but denies murder.

Lewes Crown Court heard he armed himself with four knives before the "frenzied attack" in the city centre.

He had made repeated attempts to patch up their marriage, jurors were told.

On the opening day of his trial, the court was told that Mr Medland, of Cavell Avenue, was a "petulant, self-centred man" incapable of dealing with rejection.

He had discovered, by accessing her Facebook account, that she had become close to another man.

Prosecutor Richard Barton said Mrs Medland had moved out of his mother's home in Peacehaven, where they lived, on 28 January.

'Explosive temper'

She arranged to meet her estranged husband to collect her belongings on 17 February, but, as they met in Queen Square, he became angry and took out the knives.

"He used one of the knives to attack her so that she collapsed to the pavement and then, kneeling on her to prevent her escaping, he stabbed her in a frenzied attack," said Mr Barton.

Mrs Medland had brought along a friend with her to the meeting but, as he rushed to her aid, her husband kept him away with the blades.

Mr Barton said "he lashed out" at his wife "in what was an explosive loss of temper".

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Ty Medland slashed his own wrists and stabbed himself in the leg after attacking his wife

Mr Medland had also uploaded to his Facebook page a link to a series of intimate pictures and videos of the pair, the court heard.

He also wrote an accompanying link referring to his wife as "cheating, lying, and unloyal... who destroyed everything I loved and believe in".

Multiple stab wounds

Mr Barton told jurors: "You may come to the conclusion that this is very cogent evidence concerning his state of mind and his attitude towards Sam as he prepared to travel on the bus to central Brighton that evening."

He had met his wife once earlier that day, but had forgotten to bring some items, and was returning for a second time.

As he did so, Mr Medland texted friends to say that he intended to commit murder and then kill himself.

"It is noteworthy that he succeeded comprehensively in the former, that is killing his wife, and failed miserably in the latter - in his attempt on his own life," Mr Barton said.

The court heard that after stabbing his wife, he cut his own wrists and stabbed himself in the leg.

She was later declared dead in hospital from multiple stab wounds, including to her face, head, neck and torso.

The trial continues.

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